MISC Membership Civility Pledge

The Make It Safe Coalition (MISC) is a support coalition for whistleblowers and whistleblower advocates. MISC provides a forum to share resources, exchange ideas, and collaborate to strengthen protections for whistleblowers. We must foster a culture of respect and civility; especially when different points of view are shared. MISC does not tolerate personal attacks against any member.

As a member of the Make It Safe Coalition, I pledge to:

  • Be civil in my public discourse and behavior
  • Be tolerant of differing opinions
  • Be respectful and courteous of fellow MISC members
  • Not engage in attacks against fellow MISC members
  • Work on building common language
  • Stand against incivility when I see it

 The Make It Safe Coalition is a nonpartisan, trans-ideological network of over 75 good government, taxpayer, scientific, labor, civil liberties, and law enforcement organizations dedicated to strengthening protections for employees who protect the public by exposing waste, fraud, and abuse in the public and private sector.