American Small Business League Fights to Stop the Government from Cheating Small Businesses out of Millions.

The American Small Business League (ASBL) fights to stop the Government from cheating small businesses out of billions.

ASBL has been granted a trial date of 12/11/2017 for their case against Sikorsky Aviation. The case seeks the disclosure of contracts Sikorsky Aviation received through a 27 year old Pentagon test program that was built to remove all transparency and accountability for the participating contractors. According to Professor Charles Teifer, one of the nation’s leading experts on federal contracting law, there has never been a trial for a FOIA case before, making Sikorsky’s resistance to transparency in the case unprecedented.

Small businesses have lost billions of dollars in government contracts due to the fact that the program allows the Pentagon’s biggest contractors to circumvent federal contracting law. A 2004 Government Accountability Office investigation[] of the test program found no evidence the test program had ever increased subcontracting opportunities for small businesses. A story in Gov. Exec[] questions the future of the program.

Here is a link to the latest story on our case in Government Executive:[]

Here is a link to our documentary on our fight for government accountability:

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