On February 17, 2010, some of the nation’s most prominent whistleblowers gathered in New York City for a first-ever event, a televised, long-format special that details and analyzes what whistleblowers are, what they experience, and their lack of legal protections.

(Photo by auburnnewyork)

The program, produced by the Government Accountability Project, Participant Media and the Paley Center for Media, kicks off GAP’s campaign to strengthen corporate whistleblower rights. Program guests included Daniel Ellsberg, Coleen Rowley, Frank Serpico, Cathy Harris, Babak Pasdar, Kit Foshee, Mike German, Dr. David Kessler and Juan Williams (of NPR and FOX News).

The event was streamed live over the Internet and broadcast to over 120 college campuses around the country via satellite. GAP reports that the public response has been “tremendous.”  Video of the event is available for viewing at whistleblower.org and at Livestream.com.

In listening to these celebrated whistleblowers, it becomes clear that transparency and accountability are necessary for an honest, effective government and marketplace.  But, each of us has a role to play too.  Broken laws no longer protect federal government employees and government contractors who report dangers and wrongdoing, and proposed reforms have stalled in the Senate.  We can help by writing or calling our senators to request their support for the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act.  More conveniently, we can click on this link to have a letter sent on our behalf and, also, to receive periodic updates.

Ask your senators to support whistleblower protections!