Whistleblower Protection & the First Amendment

As we begin to reflect on our past campaigns and achievements, we have noticed a common theme–The First Amendment. This is a vital tool for many whistleblowers who have faced, or continue to face, retaliation, harassment and isolation.

This summer, co-founder and legal director of the Government Accountability Project, Tom Devine, participated in the TedxWilmington Salon “Whistleblowers & the First Amendment”. He discussed the critical importance of the first amendment for whistleblowers. Devine also highlights the growing solidarity between whistleblowers and their advocates, and the triumphs won in the last 40 years. For example, Tom won the first U.S. Supreme Court test of the Whistleblower Protection Act last year and has been a leader in the campaigns to pass or defend 33 major national or international whistleblower laws. To hear more, please watch the video below:

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